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About: Ashley is the name. and my mind is always turning like machinery.
real life

last night was beyond interesting. (although i looked amazing as Katy Perry lol) i ran into this situation of all dressed up and no where to go. I walked into this PREparty with drugs all around me…and for once, I just did not want to be associated with that at all. I ended up meeting some other friends at a bar called Library. I had more fun meeting random people calling me katy perry than i did inside. 

I don’t fit in where i once did. its a wierd feeling. to all of my friends I do, but i guess they don’t know me that much anymore…and/or im finally facing who I am now. 

I don’t mind, im happy now, but last night felt extremely alone.just alone when i was with friends.. and for the first time in a while the urge to cut was so extremely bad, but i resisted so this change must be good. He cheered me up and thats why I love him so much. i usually don’t do personal posts…but this overall feeling was so great not to vent. some people change, and some people don’t.

  1. loveandloveagainn said: <3
  2. satierdaypop said: Everyone always changes no matter what even if we or they don’t realize it.
  3. leannel said: Ashlee): <3 I’m here for you girl!
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